Sarah Withnail

Elf Operator

Aspects Skills
Concept Aspect: Elven Naturalist Hood Athletics +3
Lifestyle Aspect: “How do you live when you’re not undercover?” Burglary +3
Face Aspect: Blending In or Standing Out? Combat +0
Thief Aspect: Escape an Octopus, Escape Anything Contacts +5
Operator Aspect: Former Aquarium Dive Instructor Deceive +4
Empathy +4
Stunts 5 Benefits Notice +3
Concealed Firearm Use Deceive instead of Combat when Attacking with a Pistol your opponents didn’t know about before the fight. Physique +0
Lady Luck When spending a Fate point to reroll, you can choose to reroll only dice with a — rather than all dice. Provoke +4
Distracting Beauty +1 Deceive and Rapport against those attracted when infiltrating a corp. Rapport +4
Strong Swimmer +2 Athletics when in the water. Stealth +3
Thorough Investigation When pulling off a run you did the legwork for, your allies get +3 instead of +2 for situation aspects you created. Vehicles +1
Will +4

One of Seattle’s fixers, Sarah has a penchant for setting up hooding jobs; she likes to take corps down a peg when they’ve gotten up to something too ethically or environmentally unsound. Socially gifted, even more than most elves, rumor is that she gets a lot of her leads by infiltrating corps to get access to sensitive information and dirty dealings that can be passed on to ’runner teams.

Ozmi met her when she was going by [name redacted] and working a normal job at [location redacted]. Though with a grifter this practiced, it’s unclear how much one can believe a “gradual descent into the shadows” vs. “a long con.” Something ended her lengthy romance with Ozmi on tense terms…

Gossip is floating around that she may have grifted the wrong group, or got hold of information she shouldn’t. Word is out on the street that the Draco Foundation would really like to have a word with her, and are paying handsomely for delivery.

Sarah Withnail

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