Who You Really Are

Welcome to AleaNET

[Testing encryption strength… approved]

[Testing routing anonymization… approved]

[Your chat is not logged. Remember to get at least two points of validation for unknown users before discussing anything privileged.]

[Welcome to AleaNET]

[Client] Hey Ozmi!

[AcidWash] Hey

[Hurricane] Welcome

[Goggles] wb

[Hurricane] So, like I was saying, it’s getting to be close to Halloween, and I thought maybe it made sense to talk about some of the people that aren’t with us. You know, memorial thing.

[Goggles] k

[Client] Sounds a little maudlin, but I’m in.

[AcidWash] You going to start?

[Hurricane] Yeah.


[Hurricane] I’d like to put up NeoEonOne. He got Black ICed trying to get into a Renraku server.

[Goggles] His fav band was Brian Eno.

[Client] He always loved the NoƩ opera.

[AcidWash] …I’m sad because Oen isn’t word.

[Hurricane] Guys. Seriously. He was my friend and he died.

[Client] Sorry

[Goggles] Sry

[AcidWash] ^


[Goggles] K, Balrog. I hrd he was jacked n2 a NeoNET mframe gettin some paydata when he took 1 rt in the head. Nv had time 2 d/c. Nobody will deck 4 his crew anymore, cuz they can’t protect their hacker worth drek.

[Hurricane] I never got his avatar.

[Client] Shows that we’ll go a long way back for a video game reference.

[AcidWash] My grandma cosplayed as Cami once. Like, six years ago. It wasn’t right.


[Client] Windrunner; I knew her a little in person (elf hacking sisters unite and all that), suspected she was actually an Otaku. Her roommate said she just didn’t wake up one day, and I always figured she must have been doing whatever technomantic drek they do and got ICed or something.

[Hurricane] You know that there are still pirate servers running for that game?

[AcidWash] Yep. My grandma (yeah, same one) still plays like eight hours a day.

[Goggles] I wndr if Blizzard’s EVER going 2 tell people what Titan was going to be.

[Client] My sources say they actually wound up using a lot of the code for the original Matrix. Was worth more as a 3D OS than as a game.


[AcidWash] My grandpa, Zero Override. He was on a run into a Mitsuhama Zero-Zone and they blew up the whole place rather than let them get out with the paydata.

[Hurricane] Dude. Zero Override was YOUR grandfather? Dude’s a legend.

[Goggles] I kinda really want 2 meet yr family, now.

[Hurricane] Ozmi, you got anyone you want to memorialize?

[Ozmi] Pour 40 terabytes out for Ganesha7, who forgot he wasn’t a street sam.


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