Elf Weapons Dealer


Former Ghosts tend to stay in touch, even and especially when one becomes a broke mage-for-hire and another becomes a wealthy gunrunner to the shadowy elite. Rainmaker’s pretty sure he’s not just got guns, but the line on a bunch of other Tir fixers and potential Johnsons, should he need them.

Aspects Skills
Concept Aspect: Ex-Ghost Weapons Dealer Athletics +4
Lifestyle Aspect: Awesome Party Pad, but Hates Parties Burglary +2
Soldier Aspect: Just Clearing Out the Dead Inventory Combat +5
Thief Aspect: It Fell Off a Truck Contacts +3
Face Aspect: A Discount for My Best Customer Deceive +3
Empathy +1
Stunts 5 Benefits Notice +4
Yamaha Raiden Assault Rifle Weapon: 4 Physique +3
Box of Grenades Can make a Combat attack against a whole Zone (Weapon: 0) Provoke +4
Chameleon Suit Armor: 1, Stealth +1 when not moving Rapport +1
Weapons Dealer Contacts +2 to acquire weaponry Stealth +2
I Speak Gun Use Combat instead of Rapport and Empathy when selling or talking about weaponry Vehicles +3
Will +1


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