"Lefty" Mackraken

Human Conspirator

Aspects Skills
Concept Aspect: Bioware-Spoiled Rich Kid Athletics +4
Lifestyle Aspect: Always At the Sandwich Shop Burglary +3
Bioware-Augmented Face Aspect: Gamemaster’s Nephew Combat +0
Operator Aspect: Lefty Went to College Contacts +4
Thief Aspect: Thoroughly Unmagical Deceive +4
Empathy +3
Stunts 5 Benefits Notice +3
Suprathyroid Gland Absolute Athletics, but Can’t Chill Out. Physique +3
Adrenaline Pump Use Athletics for Combat when unarmed. Provoke +3
Pheromones +1 Rapport and Weapon: 2 for persuasion. Rapport +4
Magic Resistant Armor 2 against magic. Stealth +3
Annoying Little Jerk +2 Provoke to piss people off. Vehicles +2
Will +0

Lefty went to college; he’ll hold forth, at length, about philosophy, history, politics, and literature completely unimportant to life in the shadows. Lefty doesn’t care for dwarves; he finds them weird, and can’t keep his mouth shut about it. Lefty is stuffed so full of bioware he’d be bumping up against becoming a cyberzombie if it weren’t all alphaware; he got a great deal on all of it from his “uncle” as if that was fair. Lefty thinks magic is hilarious; and he can afford to, because he’s so unmagical, magic just bounces off.

The worst part… the worst part is the hyperactive little shithead has layered tailored pheromones on top of an admittedly impressive dollop of natural charisma. When he’s off on a rant about something, you find yourself nodding along and smiling in agreement. It’s only when you’re a couple blocks away and the chemicals have cleared that you start to kick yourself for, again, reinforcing his obnoxiousness when you just wanted to get some info.

Maybe the Gamemaster really is his uncle; he certainly claims it enough and hasn’t been punished in the way you’d expect if it’s a lie. He gets on with people, even if those people feel extremely annoyed about him in hindsight. He’s a popular backup runner for a lot of crews in the area; the kid doesn’t know anything about tech, but can work a manual lock, sneak with the best, con his way into anywhere, and provide pretty good cover fire. He only does it when the risk to himself is extremely low and he’s getting a cut of a pretty great score, but it still means he knows everyone in the shadows.

So despite everything, he’s a good kid to know if you want to ’run in this town. Just try to get in, get him on topic, and get out before the urge to punch him overwhelms the pheromones… he gets this really hurt look on his face that just makes you feel bad for the rest of the day when you do.

"Lefty" Mackraken

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