Lysander Goodson

Troll Adept

Aspects Skills
Concept Aspect: Troll Sommelier Adept Athletics +4
Lifestyle Aspect: Unfailingly Polite and Happy to Serve Burglary +1
Adept Aspect: Hair of the Dog… Spirit Combat +3
Face Aspect: The Nose Always Knows Contacts +3
Thief Aspect: Surprisingly Quick Deceive +3
Empathy +3
Stunts 5 Benefits Notice +5
Mentor Spirit: Dog Contacts +2 to overcome and track down a specific individual. Physique +3
Photographic Memory Will, Empathy, or Notice +2 to resist deception about observed facts. Provoke +2
Improved Senses Notice +2 when smell or taste is involved. Rapport +2
Astral Perception Can see on the astral plane. Stealth +4
Throwing Knives Combat +1 and Weapon 2. Vehicles +0
Will +4

The world doesn’t know what to do with a troll prodigy. To be fair, the world barely knows what to do with any prodigy of limited means, and trolls tend toward the most limited. A wealthy elf child with a supernaturally acute palate would have been trained from childhood to become one of the greatest chefs in the world. For a troll, it’s a party trick.

But it’s a trick with use, if you know where to look. They say he can hunt like a bloodhound through the city; the adept senses that allow him to accurately judge the most obscure vintage let him taste you on the wind. The weird thing is, when an eight foot tall slab of muscle runs you to ground, you don’t expect him to be so polite about it.

If you need somebody found, you can contact him at his “real” job, playing his party trick for Seattle’s upper crust down at Pier 69. A troll in a suit with better social graces than most and a discerning taste for wine is simply such a /find/. If the condescension of the city sophisticates gets him down, you’d never know through his supernaturally immaculate social graces. But some claim to have seen a look, a look that says that someday, someone’s going to want one of these nouveau riche found because they did something that demands retribution, and it’s going to be the easiest paycheck of his life…

Lysander Goodson

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