Dwarf Bystander


Stop me if you’ve heard this one. A weirdly grinning dwarf sets up a squat in the Redmond barrens with a whole flock of chickens. One of the locals remembers an old company that sold chicken in stores, and starts referring to him by that name until it catches on. The dwarf takes it as a badge of pride. And then subtly causes the original guy a ton of mysterious problems until he abases himself in apology and becomes one of the dwarf’s disciples.

Tyson, you see, is a houngan of Santeria, and a devotee of the trickster loa, Ellegua. He’s only been in town a few years and already assembled a small congregation that treat him as their high priest. In addition to that old time religion, he can make useful alchemical talismans, summon up spirits to defend the neighborhood, and provide the only source of real chicken meat for less than ¥400 a plate (ignore the ritual mutilation of the meat, and leave the bones).

Between the bad part of the barrens, the loyal congregation, and the protector spirits, Lone Star doesn’t mess with Tyson too much these days, even if he is known to consort with ‘runners. Mostly, he provides information, but he knows a few useful alchemical spells as well that might help a lot if you hit him up right before a ’run. But, like any good trickster shaman, he finds most Shadowrunners way too serious for their own good, and likes to try to teach them wisdom by teaching them humility. And like most tricksters, the pranks really aren’t very funny if you’re on the receiving end. Grumble learned pretty early on to just avoid the guy if at all possible, because otherwise his cars would wind up with something “hilarious” and disgusting inside that he’d have to clean out.

Word on the street is that now he’s looking to have a conversation with Rainmaker. The rumor is that the old dwarf is pansexual and has a thing for elves in general… but there’s a greater likelihood that some colossally annoying prank is in the offering and this is just setup. Still… he’s usually really generous with the helpful talismans right after pulling off a prank if you take it with good graces, so maybe it’s worth seeing what the guy’s up to.



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